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Joint PhD Programme in Peace, Human Rights and Federalism

From January 15 to January 30 Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner and Thomas Fleiner gave a joint course in the PhD programme of the Institutes of Peace and Security, Human Rights and Federalism on Theory and Praxis on Peace, Federalism and Human Rights at the University of Addis Ababa.

(2011-02-01 / fleiner)

VIII. World Conference of the IACL in Mexico

The Supreme Court of Mexico invited Thomas Fleiner to give on December 3rd a video-conference on the different systems of constitutional review of the European Civil Law countries. (here). On December 9 he chaired a workshop of the world congress on constitutional principles of regional integration with Prof. Rainer Grote Heidelberg and Prof. Daniel Sabsay Buenos Aires. (here)

(2010-12-13 / fleiner)

Chinese Book on Minority Rights

The Chinese Academy of Social Science has published the papers of the conference it has organized with the international centre of the institute of federalism run in this period by Prof. Lidija Basta. Editors in Chief of this book On Minority Rights I are from China Prof. Li Lin and Li Xixia and from Switzerland Prof. Lidija R. Basta Fleiner. Actually Prof. Basta is Permanent Guest Professor for Constitutional Law and Political Theory at the University of Belgrade.

(2010-11-02 / fleiner)

Inauguration Lecture of Prof. Thomas Fleiner

October 26 Prof. Thomas Fleiner held his inauguration lecture at the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts on Legal Reasoning: here

(2010-10-27 / fleiner)
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