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Joint PhD Programme in Peace, Human Rights and Federalism

From January 15 to January 30 Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner and Thomas Fleiner gave a joint course in the PhD programme of the Institutes of Peace and Security, Human Rights and Federalism on Theory and Praxis on Peace, Federalism and Human Rights at the University of Addis Ababa.

2011-02-01 / fleiner    

VIII. World Conference of the IACL in Mexico

The Supreme Court of Mexico invited Thomas Fleiner to give on December 3rd a video-conference on the different systems of constitutional review of the European Civil Law countries. (here). On December 9 he chaired a workshop of the world congress on constitutional principles of regional integration with Prof. Rainer Grote Heidelberg and Prof. Daniel Sabsay Buenos Aires. (here)

2010-12-13 / fleiner    

Chinese Book on Minority Rights

The Chinese Academy of Social Science has published the papers of the conference it has organized with the international centre of the institute of federalism run in this period by Prof. Lidija Basta. Editors in Chief of this book On Minority Rights I are from China Prof. Li Lin and Li Xixia and from Switzerland Prof. Lidija R. Basta Fleiner. Actually Prof. Basta is Permanent Guest Professor for Constitutional Law and Political Theory at the University of Belgrade.

2010-11-02 / fleiner    

Inauguration Lecture of Prof. Thomas Fleiner

October 26 Prof. Thomas Fleiner held his inauguration lecture at the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts on Legal Reasoning: here

2010-10-27 / fleiner    

Prof. Basta Fleiner 1st Vice-President of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities of the Council of Europe

October 15th Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner was elected as 1st Vice-President of the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the Protection of the National Minorities of the Council of Europe. News here

2010-10-20 / fleiner    

Iraq: Conference on Federalism and Judiciary

On August 23 Thomas Fleiner gave a conference on asymmetric federalism and on different federal solutions with regard to the judiciary at the Conference on the Constitutional Problems in Iraq at the Max Planck Institute on comparative public and international law in Heidelberg

2010-08-25 / fleiner    

Montpellier: Université d'été pour une constitution europeéenne

Dans le cadre de l'université d'été de la faculté de Droit pour une constitution européenne qui avait pour sujet "La souveraineté à l'épreuve de la construction européenne" Thomas Fleiner a donné le 27 Juin un cours sur "Les modes d'exercice de la souveraineté

2010-07-05 / fleiner    

Election of Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner

At their meeting on 26th May 2010, the Ministers' Deputies of the Council of Europe elected and appointed Prof. Lidija R. Basta Fleiner as an ordinary member of the Advisory Committee, the independent expert committee responsible for evaluating the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities in State Parties and advising the Committee of Ministers. This is Prof. Basta's second term on the Committee.


2010-06-25 / fleiner    

Compound Systems of Governance

Within the Master Studies on European Integration at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Belgrade University, Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner gave in March 2010 a master course with Prof. Samardzic on Compound Systems of Governance . On this occasion, the Faculty also invited Prof. Thomas Fleiner to introduce the EU system of institutions with a view to comparative aspects of compound governance.

2010-06-25 / fleiner    

La secession du Kosovo

Le 15 février 2010 Thomas Fleiner était invité à donner un cours à l'Université de Yon sur la question du Kosovo

2010-06-25 / fleiner    

Comparative Constitutional Law

In November December 2009 Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner and Thomas Fleiner gave a Mastercourse in Comparative Constitutional Law at the Law Faculty in Belgrade

2010-06-25 / fleiner    

Prof. Thomas Fleiner Foreign Member of the SASA

At the regular Elective Assembly of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art held on November 5, 2009  Prof. Thomas Fleiner was elected  as foreign member. See here

2009-11-12 / fleiner    

Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner President of the International Scientific Committe of the Centre for European Constitutional Law

On September 30eth, 2009 Lidija Basta Fleiner and Thomas Fleiner participated in the constitutive meeting of the International Scientific Committee of the Centre for European Constitutional Law in Athens.  Lidija Basta Fleiner was elected the President of the Committee.

2009-10-30 / fleiner    

Legal Opinion on the Popular Initaitive in Solothurn

Thomas Fleiner has compiled on behalf of thje Government of the Canton of Solothurn a legal opinion on the legality of the popular initaitive "To Inform on the Nationality or Origin of Delinquents or Suspects". He has proposed to consider the Initaitive as illegal. The Government has decided respectively and proposes to the parliament to declare the initiative illegal.

2009-09-23 / fleiner    

Thomas Fleiner President of the Curatorship of the IEV

Thomas Fleiner was elected as President of the Curatorship (Kuratorium) of the interdisciplinary Institute of European Constitutional Sciences of the Distant University Hagen (IEV) by the newly elected members of this board on September 5 2009. Vice-presidents are Prof. Günter Benmann and Dr. Christine Hohmann Dennhardt , Member of the Constitutional Court Karlsruhe.

2009-09-05 / fleiner    

Summer-University Duke Law School

In July Thomas Fleiner gave a course on comparative federalism for the Duke University Law School at its Summer University in Geneva

2009-08-15 / fleiner    

Lidija Basta Fleiner - Permanent Guest Professor, University of Belgrade

On May 13th 2009, the Senate of the University of Belgrade unanimously elected Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner a permanent guest professor of the University of Belgrade. The election followed the proposal of the Faculty of Political Science where Prof. Basta Fleiner will regularly teach.

2009-06-30 / fleiner    

Strong European Regions

Thomas Fleiner has been at a preparatory meeting with experts on European Regionalism in Eisenstadt (Burgenland) Austria 28 to 29 May in order to prepare the kick-of conference on strong European Regions for the Foundation of Strong European Regions mainly oriented towards Eastern Europe installed by the Esterhazy Foundation Eisenstadt.

2009-06-26 / fleiner    

Guest Lectures of Lidija Basta Fleiner

Lidija Basta Fleiner gave several guest lectures on political theory, constitutional law and minority rights at the University of Belgrade (faculties of political science and law) and at the private university (Law Faculty) during the week of 20 to 24th of April.

2009-04-27 / fleiner    

Patronat Catalunya Mon

Thomas Fleiner presented a paper on Switzerland at the working session organised by the Patronat Catalunya Mon on April 21 in Barcelona on comparative foreign policies of sub-state entities

2009-04-27 / fleiner    

Judicial Federalism in Iraq

Thomas Fleiner has been invited to participate as an international key expert on comparative law for the Conference on Judicial Federalism in Iraq organised by the United States Institute for Peace (Washington) and the International Institute for the Rule of Law  March 29 /30.

2009-03-28 / fleiner    

Constitutional Democracy is now available!!!

The Book on Constitutional Democracy in a Multicultural and Globalised World from Thomas Fleiner and Lidija Basta Fleiner (English translation from the original German Book "Allgemeine Staatslehre") is  published and now available. See here,  here and the flyer here 

2009-01-31 / fleiner    

English Translation of the "Staatslehre"

The Book on "Constitutional Democracy in a Multicultural and Globalised World" will be available in February for more information see here

2008-12-31 / fleiner    

40 Years of the Political Science Department of the University of Belgrade

At the conference held on the occasion of the anniversary of 40 years of the political science faculty of the University of Belgrade a international conference was held on Democracy and State October 27 to 29. Prof. Lidija Basta intervened on the subject of The international community and constitution making Prof. Thomas Fleiner intervened on the subject: Government of the people, by the people, for the people (The Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln).

2008-12-02 / fleiner    

Diplomatic Relationship Switzerland Turkey

On the occasion of the festivities with regard to the 80 years diplomatic relationship between Switzerland and Turkey Thomas Fleiner was invited for a conference at the University of  Ankara on the 700 years process of secularisation in Switzerland on November 5

2008-12-02 / fleiner    

Price in Constitutional Law for Prof. Lidija Basta

On october 14 Prof. Basta has been honoured for her excellent scientific research, her publications and her outstanding performance as a great teacher in constitutional law and constitutional theory with the outstanding Miodrag Jovicic price. At this occasion she gave a conference on constitutionalism and globalisation.

2008-10-17 / fleiner    

Master Course in Lugano

Prof. Lidija Basta and Prof. Fleiner have offered a co-teaching course in multicultural constitutionalism at the Master Course in Intercultural Communication in Lugano 8 to 10 September

2008-10-16 / fleiner    

Human Rights Declaration

Prof. Fleiner presented a paper at the Human Rights Conference at the Law School in Belgrade 60 years after the United Nations Declaration. The theme was Independence of the Judiciary as Precondition of Human Rights

2008-10-16 / fleiner    

Conférence Latsis Genève

Lors de la Conférence Latsis à Genève le 10 Octobre Prof. Fleiner à donné une conférence sur le défit de la multiculturalité de l'Union Européen

2008-10-16 / fleiner    


Under the lead of Prof. Basta her last session of the 20ieth Summer-University has started. Excellent young scholars from 30 different countries participate in this event. The first week will be taught by Prof. Cheryl Saunders Melbourne and Thomas Fleiner. In the second week Prof. Basta and Prof. Haiyang Zhang of the Beijing University of Nationalities. The third week will deal with practical cases. In charge will be Dr. Nicole Töpperwien, Switzerland; Dr. Jibrin Ibrahim, Nigeria, Dr- Alexander Fischer London. The Summer University will be supported by Claudia Josi, Tobias Kallenbach, Eva Schmassmann, Sean Müller, Gabriela Mirescu and Joelle Cousinou.

2008-08-18 / fleiner    

Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty

On August 13 Thomas Fleiner gave a conference on Swiss Federalism and Diversity on a Workshop organised by the ICWA (Indian Committee of World Affairs) of the foreign office of Inidia.

2008-08-18 / fleiner    

Philippine President Arroyo thanks the IFF for help

On the occasion of President Couchepin's visit to the Philippines, President Arroyo thanked the Swiss government and the IFF for helping the Philippines in their studies on federalism. more...

article in The Manila Times

Congratulations and thanks to the international centre led by Prof. Basta and to Eva Schmassmann as well as to Nicole Töpperwien

2008-08-13 / fleiner    

60th Anniversary of Indo-Swiss Friendship Treaty

At the Seminar held by the ICWA in Delhi Prof. Fleiner will give a Conference on the Constitutional Principles of Switzerland Building on and Promoting its Diversity See more:

2008-08-12 / fleiner    

Lexfind official programm for Federal Council!

In der Vernehmlassungsunterlage zur Prävention Gesundheitsförderung chreibt der Bundesrat: "Auf eine umfassende Darstellung aller kantonalen Bestimmungen wird an dieser Stelle verzichtet. Sie können jedoch über die Datenbank des Instituts für Föderalismus einfach eingesehen werden:

2008-08-03 / fleiner    

Centre for European Constitutional Law - Themistocles and Dimitris Tsatsos Foundation (C.E.C.L.)

Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner and Prof. Thomas Fleiner have recently been appointed members of the International Scientific Committee of the C.E.C.L. in Athens. The Centre is one of the most active European non-profit research institutes and mainly aims at contributing to the development of democratic institutions and at strengthening international cooperation with respect for the cultural identity of each state. The International Scientific Committee comprises distinguished academics from 18 European universities.

2008-07-03 / fleiner    

Professor Fleiner Speaker at the Australian Conference on the Future of Federalism

Professor Fleiner is invited as speaker at the Australian Conference on the Future of Federalism (July 10 to July 12 organized by the Queensland University, the Australian Association of Constitutional Law, the Law Council of Australia and the Queensland Law Society for more see here

2008-07-03 / fleiner    

Thomas Fleiner will retire

Some recent articles and Interviews with Thomas Fleiner: SwissInfo; Sonntagsgespräch Sonntagszeitung, Freiburger Nachrichten, Tagesanzeiger, 6-05-08, 6-05-08-Liberté; programm and videos of the farewell lecture here

2008-05-27 / fleiner    

Farewell Lecture

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers!” Shakespeare Heinrich VI. Professor Fleiner verabschiedet sich von den Studierenden mit Überlegungen zum The-ma:  "Wie denken Juristinnen und Juristen?". Montag, 5. Mai 1900 Saal C.  Invitation here; Flyer here

2008-05-06 / fleiner    

ICJ to review illegal recognition of Kosovo

Serbia plans to ask the International Court of Justice to review the illegal recognition of the secession of Kosovo. More in French, in Serbian

2008-04-20 / fleiner    

A Global Dialogue on Federalism

The Institute of Federalism of the Fribourg University, Prof. Lidija Basta, Thomas Fleiner and Prof. Maya Hertig of the Department of Constitutional Law of the Geneva University have organised on March 7th in Fribourg a round table on "Diversity and Unity in Switzerland". More...

2008-03-25 / fleiner    

Kosovo: A risky Independence

Interview with Professor Fleiner on SF1.

Source: Swiss Television, February 20th, 2008.

2008-02-21 / fleiner    

The controversial question of the status of Kosovo

Special Report on BBC Radio 4 with Professor Thomas Fleiner.
Source: BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight, February 1st, 2008

2008-02-06 / kallenba    

"Behindertengerechtes Bauen" - Gesetzliche Grundlagen

Im Auftrag der Schweizerischen Bau-, Planungs- und Umweltdirektorenkonferenz (BPUK) hat das Institut für Föderalismus zusammen mit dem Institut für Schweizerisches und Internationales Baurecht eine Sammlung der einschlägigen gesetzlichen Grundlagen im Bereich des "behindertengerechten Bauens" erarbeitet. Diese Studie ist nun als Broschüre erschienen und kann auch auf der Homepage der BPUK konsultiert werden.

2008-01-23 / ivanovd    

National Roundtable on "Swiss Diversity"

On Friday, 7 March 2008, the Institute of Federalism is organising the National Roundtable on linguistic, religious and "immigrated" diversity in Switzerland, together with the Forum of Federations and the International Association of Centers for Federal Studies. More...

2008-01-16 / muellese    

Notice of the English Translation of the Book on Multicultural Democracy

The publishing house Springer announces the publication of the English translation of Thomas Fleiner's and Lidija R. Basta Fleiner's Constitutional Democracy in a Multicultural and Globalized World on The book is “full of profound insights, stimulating reflections and ideas, and creative provocations,... and redefining the basic concepts of the theory of state to that effect, the book may become a milestone in the history of political and state theory". Ulrich. K. Preuss: "It is a great merit of Thomas Fleiner and Lidija R. Basta Fleiner that they identify both internal changes of a personal substrate of contemporary states and the challenges of globalization not only with an astonishing seismological sensitiveness..."; Felix Hanschmann: more...

2008-01-16 / cousinou    

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you with some wishes of the Swiss Constitution: "..Conscious of their responsibility towards creation;.. Determined to live together with their diversities respecting each other and in equity, Knowing that only those remain free who use their freedom, and that the strength of a community is measured by the well being of its weakest members;" The Swiss Confederation "shall promote.. the internal cohesion and the cultural diversity of the country.."

2008-01-01 / fleiner    

Switzerland is not in danger

Two interviews from Thomas Fleiner concerning the election of Ms. Evelyne Widmer Schlumpf into the Swiss Executibve (Federal Council) in "Construire" Weekly of Migros (french) from December 1th  and in the Basler Zeitung from December 20th. "C’est possible. Mais on peut aussi voir les choses par l’autre bout. D’une certaine manière, cette non-réélection montre la stabilité du système suisse, parce que le Parlement n’a pas voulu conserver un conseiller fédéral qui déséquilibre la bonne marche du gouvernement."BaZ 20.12.07 "Das Volk ist die Opposition"

2007-12-23 / streunk    

Peter Hänni appointed as the new Director of the IFF

During its today’s ordinary session, the Founding Council of the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg (IFF) – a leading centre in terms of research and services in federalism-related matters –, chaired by its President, Christian Wanner, State Councillor of Soleure, has fixed the succession of its actual Director, Professor Thomas Fleiner who will be retiring soon. More...

2007-12-20 / cousinou    

UniDem Campus Seminar, Trieste

The European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) of the Council of Europe launched in 2000 a programme of UniDem Campus Seminars for the legal training of the civil service of Eastern European countries. This year's seminar took place from Nov. 26-29 in Trieste and was entitled "Concerted Efforts at the European Level to protect Ethnic, Linguistic and National Minorities". Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner was invited to give a lecture and moderate a workshop on the "Protection of Minorities in Serbia through Extensive Constitutional Provisions and Monitoring of International Standards".

2007-12-04 / audemarg    

4th International Conference on Federalism

The Conference, entitled "Unity in Diversity - Learning from Each Other" and hosted by the Government of India in partnership with the Forum of Federations, Ottawa, was held in New Delhi from Nov. 5-7, 2007. Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner participated as an Analytical Summary Writer for the theme "Nation Building & Diversity" in 2 work sessions: "Can Unity and Diversity be reconciled?" and "Can deep differences by accommodated?". The analysis of the discussions will be published in the final conference proceedings in March 2008.

2007-12-04 / audemarg    

Media Review Venezuela Project

Interviews and comments with Prof. Thomas Fleiner and Claudia Josi on the consulting project for the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) in Venezuela NZZ am Sonntag, 19.08.07; swiss info 15.10.07; le courrier 06.10.07; KOFF Newsletter 63/07

2007-11-13 / streunk    

IACL - The VII World Congress was a great success

More than 600 constitutionalists from more than 75 countries attended the VII World Congress that was held in Athens from 11 to 15 June 2007, on the theme of "Rethinking the Boundaries of Constitutional Law". More....

2007-10-11 / cousinou    

Naturalization Initiative of the Swiss Popular Party

The Council of the States addressed the Naturalization Initiative of the Swiss Popular Party on September 26th, 2007. Claudia Josi, Graduate Assistant of Prof. Fleiner's chair, expressed her opinion in an interview with "Le Courrier" more...

2007-10-03 / streunk    

Lebanese delegation in Fribourg

On September 4, Prof. Fleiner met a delegation of journalists from Lebanon. At the Hôtel de Ville, he presented the Swiss political system and discussed aspects of building intercommunal peace in a multicultural society.

2007-09-11 / schmassmann    

Statement to the report of the CC-N

Professor Thomas Fleiner comments on a report of the Control Committee of the National Council (CC-N), published on September 5th.
Source: Swiss Television (SF), September 6th, 2007.

2007-09-07 / kallenba    

Interview with Chinese Deputy

Read the interview with Hon Dou shuhua, done by Gabriela Mirescu, in the last issue of "Unireflets". Full version of the interview and more on this...

2007-09-03 / muellese    

Summer University 2007

We are happy to report the successful start of the 19th edition of our summer university with the participation of 39 students from 27 countries! Double-click here to view a photograph of the group taken on Saturday in Montreux during their sightseeing tour.

2007-09-03 / cousinou    

Neue Online-Publikation des Analysezentrums

Das Gutachten des Analysezentrums über die Umsetzung der Rechtsweggarantie gemäss Art. 29a BV ins interkantonale Recht ist ab sofort online verfügbar!

2007-08-28 / ivanovd    

Co-operation with the CNE Venezuela

The NZZamSonntag published this interview with Thomas Fleiner on our co-operation with the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) of Venezuela. 

2007-08-21 / josic    

LexFind - New Search Engine

Since today, LexFind has a new search engine, that is faster and more efficient.

Test it yourself:


2007-08-01 / mroth    

China Delegation

On 19 July 2007, a delegation from the Beijing High People’s Court visited the Institute of Federalism. More…

2007-07-20 / muellese    

Nepali delegation

This monday, June 2nd 2007, a delegation of Maoists from Nepal visited the IFF. The lecture on comparative federalism gave some first-hand insights into power-sharing mechanisms which will be of importance in designing the new constitution.


2007-07-02 / schmassmann    

"Universitas"-article on Malawi cooperation

The June 2007-issue of "Universitas" is on Africa, thereby including a short summary on the IRCC/IFF's cooperation projects with Malawi (on page 29). Read more...

2007-06-20 / muellese    

Cooperación con Venezuela

El 19 de Junio el embajador suizo en Venezuela, el Sr. Walter Suter, ha firmado como encargado del Instituto de Federalismo un Convenio de Cooperación con la presidenta del Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) de Venezuela, la Sra. Tibisay Lucena. Según ese, el Instituto brindará al CNE toda la información que esté requiera sobre los mecanismos y el funcionamiento de la democracia directa en Suiza y lo apoyará en la elaboración de su legislación en esta materia.

2007-06-20 / josic    

Life-member of the IACL

The International Association of Constitutional Law during its 7th World Congress in Athens made Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner, Director of our Institute's International Research & Consulting Centre, its first Life-Member to honour her outstanding commitment for the International Association since 25 years and in particular as Secretary General of the Association in its critical period between 2002 and 2005.

2007-06-14 / cousinou    

Study Tour for Filipino Delegation

From June 2 - 9, 2007, a delegation from the Philippines visited Switzerland for a study tour on fiscal federalism. Read more

2007-06-14 / schmassmann    

Malawi Parliament Report 2007/1

The Institute of Policy Interaction has elaborated its first report on the Parliament of Malawi - a protocol of the 3rd meeting of the 39th session, between 19 February and 15 March 2007. Read more...

2007-06-05 / muellese    

Human Rights Dialogue Switzerland/Vietnam

The fifth round of the dialogue on human rights and international organisations conducted on the Swiss side by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs took place in Vietnam on 20-26 May 2007. Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner was a member of the Swiss delegation in her capacity as expert for the topics of minority rights and religious freedom.

2007-06-04 / cousinou    

Conflict Dynamics Indicators

The International Research and Consulting Centre has conducted a study on indicators of conflict dynamics in decentralisation processes. Download the fact sheet or read more...

2007-06-04 / muellese    

RSNPC Study Tour 2007

Between 21 and 28 May 2007, five members of the Research Office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (RSNPC) participated in a Study Tour to Switzerland on mechanisms and guarantees for exercising the functions of a Member of Parliament (MP). More on this...

2007-05-30 / muellese    

The Analytical Summary of the Conference held last year in Tirana on the topic "Decentralisation between Regionalism and Federalism in the Stability Pact Countries of the Western Balkans", is now available.

A PDF version can be downloaded here.

2007-04-25 / cousinou    

LexFind - Neue Version

Seit Sonntag Abend ist die neue erweiterte Version des Webportals LexFind online.

2007-04-23 / mroth    

Stellenausschreibung Nationales Zentrum

Das Nationale Zentrum sucht eine(n) Juristin/Juristen als wissenschaftliche(r) Mitarbeiterin / Mitarbeiter.


2007-04-22 / mroth    

How to proceed in Kosovo?

Interview with Professor Fleiner on SF1.
Download... Source: Swiss Television (SF), April 11th, 2007.

2007-04-12 / mroth    

Cooperation with China 2007-2009

Prof. Lidija Basta Fleiner was in Beijing from March 2 to 10, 2007. Together with Dr. Matthias Messmer she was on a planning mission for phase 2007-2009 of the Institute of Federalism’s cooperation with Chinese academic institutions.

Link to comment in Chinese

2007-04-05 / schmassmann    

Visit of Thai delegation at the IFF

Thursday March 29, 2007, a delegation from Thailand visited the IFF. More than 60 high ranking public officials, business executives and politicians involved in a training course on public administration at the King Prajadhipok's Institute in Thailand listened to Professor Fleiner's explanation of the Swiss political system.


2007-03-29 / schmassmann    

Kick-off meeting with partners in the Philippines

From February 26 to March 2nd, Eva Schmassmann, research fellow at the International Research and Consulting Centre, visited our partners in Manila, Philippines for an official kick-off of a new project cycle. The aim of the cooperation is to support and advise our partner organisations in the current discussion for a constitutional change towards a federal Republic of the Philippines.  

2007-03-15 / schmassmann    

Which Future for Kosovo?

„10 years of negotiations are hundreds of times better than one day of civil war“
Interview on Radio DRS2 with Professor Thomas Fleiner.
Source: DRS 2, Context, February 23rd, 2007.

2007-03-08 / kallenba    

Is federalism useful as a tool for conflict transformation in Sri Lanka?

A conversation with Prof. Thomas Fleiner on VOR Radio.

Source: VOR Radio, February 27th, 2007.

2007-03-08 / mroth    

National Newsletter - März 2007

Anhand ausgewählter Artikel soll dieser trimestrielle Newsletter als Verbindungsplattform dienen zwischen dem Institut für Föderalismus und Personen, die sich für Föderalismus und kantonales Recht interessieren.

2007-03-07 / cousinou    

Birth Centenary of Dr. Colvin R. de Silva ("The Island" newspaper, Sri Lanka)

The Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration will organise several events to celebrate the birth centenary of Dr. Colvin R. de Silva, Sri Lanka's first Minister of Constitutional Affairs. He was born on the 16th of February 1907.

The programme includes lectures (Prof. Fleiner's is available here) and seminars on constitutional issues and will be held in several towns including Colombo.

To download the full article, click here

2007-03-01 / cousinou    

Quebec Delegation 2007

On 27 February 2007, the International Research and Consulting Centre (IRCC) welcomed a delegation of Canadian students. More...

2007-03-01 / mirescug    

Spanish NGO at the IFF

On 28 February 2007, the IFF/IRCC held talks with the Spanish NGO FRIDE ("Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior") exploring a possible co-operation concerning mainly Latin America. More...

2007-03-01 / muellese    

Summer University 2007

Our poster in PDF version now available!!

The nineteenth session will take place from August 27th to September 14th, 2007. The program as well as information regarding registration and the form can be downloaded now. Closing date to register is April 30th.

2007-02-20 / cousinou    

Forum of Federations: Swiss Global Dialogue roundtable on local government

On the 21st of december 2006, thirty participants, including civil servants, elected officials and academics from Switzerland’s cities, cantons and the federal government, met in Berne to discuss the challenges to local government. Read more...

2007-01-22 / muellese    

LexFind is online. A new era begins!

The president of the Conference of the cantonal Directors of Justice and Police, Markus Notter, member of the Executive of the canton of Zurich, has signed a new contract with the rector of the university of Fribourg, Prof. Urs Altermatt, establishing a new co-operation between our Institute and the cantons. According to this agreement a new era for our documentation centre has started. This unit - supported by the IT firm Sitrox - has put on January 1st a new program LexFind for the search of statutory texts of the Confederation and the Cantons on the net.

2007-01-11 / cousinou    

Murtener Gesetzgebungsseminar

Das Grundlagenseminar zur Gesetzesredaktion vom 7.-9.3.2007 ist ausgebucht. Hier finden Sie das Programm und den Anmeldetalon (zur Zeit auf Warteliste). Nächstes Seminar: 14.-16. November 2007.

2006-11-22 / haennibo    

Switzerland's Federalism Laboratory

The Institute of Federalism invites researchers from around the world and provides expertise for conflict regions.

More... (Swissinfo)

2006-11-06 / schnydem    

Federalism for Sudan?

Federalism cannot be exported, but a Sudanese lawyer says tiny Switzerland's political structure can be tailored to his huge war-torn country.

More... (Swissinfo)

2006-11-06 / cousinou    

Conference papers now available...

Papers from the Conference "Decentralisation between Regionalism and Federalism in the Stability Pact Countries of the Western Balkans", organised in June 2006 in co-operation with the Institute for Contemporary Studies (Tirana), are now available. See here...

2006-10-16 / byrnes    

The Institute of Federalism as advisor in ForoDAC

Throughout the month of October 2006, the Institute of Federalism, as a centre of expertise, will be replying to questions on the ForoDAC webpage. ForoDAC is a virtual discussion platform on the topics of autonomy, decentralisation and constitutional law in Bolivia. With this public discussion platform, the current process of revising the constitution becomes more accessible and understandable for all segments of Bolivian society.

website ForoDAC


2006-10-09 / josic    

Murtener Gesetzgebungsseminar

Das Seminar vom 8.-10.11.2006 ist ausgebucht. Wegen grosser Nachfrage wird es vom 7.-9.3.2007 wiederholt. Hier finden Sie das Programm 2006 und den Anmeldetalon 2007!

2006-09-14 / schnydem    

Summer University 2006

The 18th Session of the Institute of Federalism's Summer University, with the theme "Federalism, Constitutionalism, and Democratic Governance in Multicultural Societies," took place from August 28th to September 15th, 2006.

The course brought together 36 participants from 24 countries ... (read more)

2006-08-30 / cousinou    

General Theory of the State

A book review of Thomas Fleiner and Lidija Basta Fleiner's General Theory of State has recently been published. The review, by Prof. Ulrich Preuss, appeared in the July edition of I.CON (International Journal of Constitutional Law 2006 p 576):"Defining the multicultural state.. the book may become a milestone in the history of political and state theory." more; shop

2006-07-31 / byrnes    

Murtener Gesetzgebungsseminar (8.-10.11.2006)

Here you can find the program and the registration form!

2006-05-04 / haennibo    

Humanitarian Aid: an affair of state?

The IFF organised a conference on "L'humanitaire: une affaire d'Etat?" in the Aula Magna of the University of Fribourg, Tuesday, 28th March 2006, 7 p.m. in co-operation with Caritas Switzerland.


2006-03-22 / schnydem    

Future status of Kosovo: Prof. Fleiner as standing advisor

Prof. Thomas Fleiner, director of the Institute of Federalism, is to advise the Serbian government's team negotiating the future status of Kosovo.

Fore more information see Swissinfo, 26th November 2005

2005-11-29 / schnydem    

1st National Conference on Federalism

The contributions of the 1st National Conference on Federalism can be downloaded here.


2005-11-18 / gassmajl    

Delegation from Afghanistan

In Co-operation with the CASIN Institute in Geneva, the Institute of Federalism organised a module on "Understanding Federalism" in the frame of a Professional Training Programme for Officials from Afghanistan on 17th November.

2005-11-15 / schnydem    

Philippine Delegation

Visit of a Philippine Delegation at the Institute of Federalism (5th-9th November)


2005-11-10 / schnydem    

New project

The NADEL project proposal "Capacity building through a research partnership - A case study on Decentralisation and Governance in Northern Albania", in which the IFF will participate, has been approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

2005-10-13 / byrnes    

Annual Report 2004

The Annual Report 2004 of the Institute of Federalism is now available

Annual Report 2004

2005-07-07 / mroth    

Legislation Database Moved

We have removed access to the old legislation database from this website. It is replaced by the new LexGo-Database.

2005-06-15 / schnydem    

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